I’m over-the-moon-excited that our new website is now live. It’s been an incredible three years watching the two Caves flourish into communities. Some beautiful classes (some that I didn’t even know existed!) have been held by some truly inspiring teachers and guides, and I really feel that a lovely new site is exactly what the Caves need next to best reflect what the studios have become.

When I initially had the idea to open the first Conscious Movement Centre, I was absolutely only just finding my feet. I didn’t know what to expect to happen, I had only just started renting the Southbourne space (which still looked part blank canvas building site, part previous garden centre) and I certainly didn’t know if the idea would succeed as a business. I had a vision, that’s for sure. But I didn’t have too much of a plan. I think this uncertainty reflected in the website, it had good intentions but it didn’t really know what it needed or what it was going to be.

I now know that I’d like the site to be very easy to navigate and very simple for anyone to arrive onto and quickly find their ideal class to join, how to join it and also to learn what the spaces are about with minimum effort or searching. I’d like people to feel that they are welcome to any/all classes that suit them/take their fancy. So a large focus is that the two studio spaces’ timetables are attractive and also useful in that one can click on any classes will take you to further class info, class price and how best to contact that teacher. A booking system would be wonderful but since all the teachers rent the space independently and have their own price rates and package deals, I feel that this is the best way of helping you all to book yourselves onto classes with the teacher directly. That said, always still feel free to come to me via phone, email or on any social media platform and I will still happily answer any questions and/or let teacher(s) know to expect you in their classes.

A new site is also an opportunity to include some beautiful pictures of some of our classes that have gone on over the past few years, a chance to blog and share points of view and aims for the studios, and to better display to you all that there are two studio spaces that you’re welcome into and better show exactly where they are and how to find them.

Over-all I’d like the website to have the same effect as the studios themselves have: to let you in and make you feel at home. The main point of The Amethyst Cave studios is to help people find calm and happiness in whatever activity that best enables a meditative state of mind for any given group or people. So I sincerely hope that this lovely new site helps you to directly find the perfect class(es) for you.

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