Yoga For Healing

Yoga For Healing, block booking for 7 weeks (it’s term time) Living with dis-ease or long-term illness is hard. Recovering from injury or living in remission is hard, but yoga & a healthy lifestyle has supported Vicki on her journey & she shares her experience. This Wednesday morning yoga practice is gentler on your body & Vicki includes more resting & restorative poses. It’s not to say that sometimes if it feels right there are chances to challenge yourself. Vicki incorporates breathing, deep relaxation, strength & flexibility.  Really get out of your head & into YOUR BODY.  The Amethyst Cave, Southbourne.

Beyond Zen Yoga

10 pound/session or in 10 bundle 92 pound If you would like to deepen your knowledge and see beyond Yoga also learn about your body and mind, this Yoga Class is for you. Yoga is the way of life. Come and learn how can you create your new life with the help of Yoga. We begin with a nice breathing exercise to focus our mind and be in present and with the help of breathing we learn to keep our inner balance through the challenging Asanas and ease our mind with a nice relaxing time at the end of the class. Week by week this class will help you to learn to stay in your centre. It will be sometimes challenging sometimes helping you to just find your inner peace and sometimes we just going with the flow. The most important is just turn up and give yourself the chance to improve your health physically and mentally. When you commit to yourself and will turn up week by week, it will definitely help you to find your balance in your daily life, build strength and improve flexibility also in your body and mind. Beginners and intermediates are also welcome. Beginners and intermediates are also welcome. Don't miss this opportunity to discover the magic of yoga and connect with your inner balance. Join us now! Booking site for Beyond Zen Lifestyle Contact Viktoria on  07400 408878

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