Sound Healing

🌕 Join me for a deeply relaxing, healing journey through s•o•u•n•d and vibrations of crystal and Himalayan singing bowls as well as the power of broad spectrum of frequencies emanating from the gong. Please, arrive promptly, you will have a few minutes to find your comfortable spot and get ready before I start the session. 🌖 If you have never experienced s•o•u•n•d healing before come with an open mind and trust the process of sound healing. 🌗 At the start of the session I will guide you so that you feel comfortable and relaxed. Together we will let go of all judgement, expectations and of whatever stops you from receiving this absolute bliss in its fullness. 🌘 Remember: we are always at the right place at the right time. 🌒 Once you lay down comfortably just allow yourself to dive into the s•o•u•n•d, let it guide you and help you let go of all tension, stuck emotions, stress. Let it bring back the unobstructed f•l•o•w of energy. If you need an uplift it will make you feel more awake, present and happy. If you feel agitated, stressed, after the session you will feel more balanced, calmed and relaxed. 🌓 HOW TO PREPARE Bring a mat, a blanket, a pillow, warm socks, whatever you want to make you feel cosy. Also, I recommend having some water with you as your body will go through a detoxification process due to the vibrational nature of the therapy. Eye covering will be provided to aid your relaxation. Final tip: Simply immerse yourself into the experience... 🌖 CONTRAINDICATIONS • pregnancy, especially during the first 12 weeks • sound induced epilepsy. • oncological patients, esp. during chemotherapy • implanted heart pacemaker, stent, shunt, any other metal parts in your body *Also let me know before the session should you have any other concerns regarding your health. Booking is essential to avoid disappointment. Full refunds in case of event cancellation. or contact me on messenger: Kamila Pinker I will see you there, Kamila Pinker Certified Sound Therapy Practitioner

Blissful Sunday Sound Healing

Blissful Sunday Sound Healing Blissful Sunday Sound Healing is a sacred sound journey using the power of sound as a tool for transformation. Sound is so ever-present and opens the door to higher states of consciousness. It is within the experience of therapeutic sound we gain true knowledge, release patterns, liberate creative expression, open the heart and heal roots. SOUND HEALING JOURNEY The flow of the evening begins with gentle movement, breath awareness and self-created sounds to begin to shift your energy naturally. Leading into a guided mindfulness meditation, accompanied by the delicate sounds of beautiful divine instruments and buffalo drum. This allows you to become deeply grounded, relaxed and ready for the gentle yet powerful harmonic sound waves of the Tibetan Singing Bowls. Stephanie is the guardian of 30 Tibetan Singing Bowls and will play these sacred instruments to release the energies you no longer need to carry and restoring balance and harmony to your whole body, brain waves, spirit, nervous system, chakra system and energetic pathways. Tuning into body wisdom, Stephanie creates group and personal experience through playing different vibrational frequencies to meet the healing needs of your body and that can help alleviate general pain, toxins, stress and emotional issues as well as improve your overall mindset. The human body is a wonderful conductor of sound, and during the Sound Bath, Stephanie will circle the bowls through your energy field so you can feel the waves of sonic vibration resonating with your body and with every cell - holistic Sound Healing can touch you in a way that no other healing modality can! We finish with the soothing sounds of the Divine Instruments, Koshi Chimes and Waterfall Disk drifting into silence to allow you to integrate everything you need from this nourishing experience. This deeply immersive experience provides a very therapeutic space to feel lighter and free, following the Sound Bath, more present in your body and in touch with your senses, revitalised and at peace. Each month will focus on different Traditional Chinese Medicine elements and Ayurvedic Medicine healing aligned to the seasons and balancing health, wellbeing and habits associated. Some benefits of Sound Therapy: Affects all cells in your body. Balances both hemispheres of the brain. Changes our old patterns of behaviour, and habits that are harmful to our health. Cleanses negative energy and emotions. Connecting with your higher self. Deep relaxation. Helps to recover after illness, traumas and invasive medical treatments. Improves sleep. Increases vital energy flow, creativity, intuition and motivation. Removes blockages and toxins. Self-regeneration. Soothes, purify and balances your emotions and feelings. Stimulates circulation and strengthens immune system. Stress reduction. When & Where? Sundays every 4 weeks starting 24th September 2023 at The Amethyst Southbourne 7:45PM. From Summer months, the start time date changes to 8PM (June, July, August only) Exchange & Booking? This deeply transformational journey is £20 (85p booking fee online) To book please visit my booking secure booking site and register or log-in with your account. Once sound healing...

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