Self Love Spells

A new magical full moon collaboration is on the way to you! For the most held, sensual heart opening and grounding releases. Get ready for the end of the month Save the evening of 29th September for the Last Full Super Moon of the Year, The Harvest Moon. Spaces will be limited so get your interest in now for our pilot event of Cacao exploration, Intention, Embodied Movement dropping into our bodies & chakras & Magickal Sacred Sound Bath Meditiation Bookings are open - please contact Aimée to save your space (details at the bottom ) Myself & Juli are so excited to bring you this combination of bliss!  It will include all the sensual elements you’d expect from one of my events!  Plus there’ll be goodie bags!!  + Water fill up Bring notebooks for journalling and empty water bottles if you’d like to try the magic water! We’ll be sharing this magic @the_amethyst_cave Southbourne I’ll be introducing you to my wonderful friend Julianna who has her own beautiful Cacao company called Cao - check it out here @caocacaouk Read more your interest by commenting below ⬇️ tag in your moon/self loving friends and get the crew together for a shared evening of BLISS The exchange is £26 for one session - there are discounts available for advance bookings contact me for more info Add the last Friday of the month to your calendars!  Friday 24th November Friday 22nd December With more dates to come in the New Year! Self Love Spells COMING SOON Send me the word SPELLS if you’d like to book a space! You can check out my page and DM me here @aimee_moves.makes.flows Email me on Or WhatsApp me 07788404946 Hope to see you for some Moon Magick 

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