Restorative Yoga Workshop

This is a beautiful two hour Restorative Yoga workshop ending with a lovely healing relaxing Yoga Nidra. It is a wonderful opportunity to give yourself the self-care that you truly deserve. Giving you the time and space to fully nourish and heal both your body and mind. Allowing you to deeply relax into stillness and restore your energy. Self-care is such an important part of taking care of our wellbeing. In times of stress and busy life’s we can sometimes find it hard to take care of ours self. This healing workshop will dedicated to giving you the nurturing that you deserve and help you to let go off any stress, anxiety that you may be holding within the body or mind. Restorative Yoga is such a nourishing practice that can be such an antidote to stress, anxiety and can help you to feel fully rested and restored. What is restorative yoga? Restorative yoga is a passive, meditative form of yoga that allows you to focus on your breath while releasing tension within the body. Unlike other forms of yoga, restorative yoga requires you to hold asana or poses for an extended length of time, typically 5 minutes or more. It’s different from yin yoga as you want to be a comfortable as you can to allow both your mind and body to fully relax into the posture. Price: £20.00 (includes a refreshment and plant based treat) To book contact Kerrie: E:

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