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HATHA FLOW CLASS Elevate your yoga experience with Ishvara’s Hatha Flow class, where breath awareness, sun salutations, postures, and creatively curated flowing sequences seamlessly converge. This class promises a harmonious blend of dynamism and relaxation, ensuring you depart with a heightened sense of refreshment, lightness, and brightness, having nurtured space within your body and mind. Immerse yourself in this transformative practice to not only energize your body but also to tranquilise your mind and forge a deep connection with your authentic self. Welcoming participants of All Levels, this class serves as an optimal progression for those advancing from beginner classes. Anticipate a medium level of challenge, designed to propel you into a more profound exploration of yoga, culminating in a rewarding and meaningful experience on your mat. As you conclude the session, you will feel leaving invigorated, refreshed, and intimately connected.  ABOUT:  Ishvara's commitment to imparting the transformative practice of yoga is truly commendable, reflecting a deep passion for the holistic union of mind, body, and spirit. A highly esteemed and authentic practitioner, Ishvara's dedication is rooted in his training and practice in a traditional yoga ashram in India. In this sacred environment, where yoga and meditation are taught in the time-honoured style, Ishvara honed his skills. His classes, characterised by authenticity and empowerment, resonate with the essence of classical teachings. Ishvara's focus extends beyond the physical aspects, emphasizing mindfulness, overall wellbeing, and ultimately the attainment of inner peace. By drawing upon his traditional training and experiences, he brings a unique and genuine approach to his classes, creating an enriching and transformative yoga journey for all practitioners. To find out more information and to book  Please contact Ishvara on 07859926709

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