Gong bath

Sunday 3rd March 12.15pm to 1.45pm NOT YOUR AVERAGE GONG BATH  £20 https://facebook.com/events/s/not-your-average-gong-bath-sou/1113326206357126/ Sound therapy can help you on a physical, emotional or psychological level. Join me in an immersive beautiful sound healing journey using gongs, conch shells, crystal bowl, voice and more. Our bodies are approximately 70% water, perfect conductors for sound waves. The instruments' sound waves vibrate through every cell in our body shifting blocked energy that has manifested and in-turn, calms, soothes and relaxes.   During this journey you will be submerged in the powerful gong healing vibrations from a unique Archangel Metatron gong and Atlantean Oceans Healing gong. Together, they bring perfect balance - Metatron bringing the Divine Masculine and the Atlantean Oceans gong bringing the Divine Feminine.   These multifaceted tools take you into a higher state of consciousness and channel deep healing through sound, but also energies come through directly from Source, Archangel Metatron and other Masters and Archangels.   They also work in harmony with the Divine Feminine energies from many Sacred Goddesses such as Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Goddess Anaya, the Oceans and Divine Golden Atlantean energy, helping us to live from our heart centre, growing and emerging into our true authentic selves and step into our power, creating inner peace and tranquillity. Many other guides and energies perfect for your own unique journey will also be present to support you. Whatever your need is at this specific time, I hold a safe space for it to manifest positively. In unity with the instruments, I will channel through light language, soul upgrades, attunements and deep healing specifically for each individual.   TIME: Sunday 12.15pm to 1.45pm. LOCATION: The Amethyst Cave, 181 Seabourne Rd, Bournemouth BH5 2HH. COST: £20 by bank transfer or Paypal. Payment secures your place. Concessions available if you're struggling financially. TO BOOK: Contact Terri 07717 664480. PARKING: On main road or side roads. Check signs, some roads are only 1 hour duration.   Sound therapy can help with many things on a physical, emotional or psychological level. There are a variety of things you may experience during a Sound Bath. Each session is individual and unique to each person. It will always be what is needed at that time for their highest good and the highest good of all. EXPERIENCES CAN INCLUDE: Relaxation Higher state of consciousness Emotional release Deep healing DNA activation Soul upgrade Harmony Clarity Detox Wisdom Peace   CAN HELP WITH: Stress & Anger Trauma & PTSD Anxiety & Depression Confidence issues & Self awareness Memory, focus & Concentration Addiction Insomnia Pain management   PLEASE NOTE: Sound therapy is not a cure for illness. If you have any medical issues, please consult your doctor before attending and discuss with me. An information sheet and T&Cs will be sent to you to read before attending the session. In the near future this will be available on the website.   You'll feel amazing, I promise, which is why I can't wait to share this with you. Terri x www.solarsoul.co.uk

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