Embody Your Feminine Flow – a workshop for women

Do you have a desire to reconnect back to your feminine power? To re-discover your creative and sensual energy? To feel a deeper sense of aliveness and freedom? Would you like to reawaken your confidence and release blockages that are stopping you living your life grounded in your feminine energy? Where is it being held? Monthly workshop for Women at The Amethyst Cave Southbourne Friday morning 10-11:45am What to expect? We will use a combination of powerful tools in these workshops such as yoga, breathwork, meditation chanting and affirmations. We start the session with an opening circle so we can connect to eachother and create a safe space for sharing. We will then drop our awareness into the body with some grounding and movement to deepen and waken our connection with the body. We will connect with and be guided through different tools such as mirror work, journalling, inner child connection and meditative dancing. We close the workshop with a sharing circle over a pot of tea and a vegan snack with an option to use oracle cards. Who's it for? These workshops are designed to empower women of all bodies, all ages and in all life stages. We will tap back into our source of wisdom, power, intuition and radiance that exists within all of us, as women. Come and connect with the beauty of your feminine and the power of the sisterhood. I look forward to welcoming you into this space.  When is it? Upcoming dates are: Friday 3rd November, Friday 1st December, Friday 19th January, Friday 16th February, Friday 15th March, Friday 26th April Friday 17th May, Friday 7th June, Friday 26th July, Friday 16th August Friday 6th September, Friday 4th October, Friday 15th November, Friday 6th December How much is it? Price: £20 How to book For bookings, contact Shanti on 07908322007

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