Elemental Yoga

Elemental Yoga (Hatha/Vinyasa)  Wednesday Evenings 07:45PM 1 hour £12.00  •What to expect• A holistic and earth conscious practice connecting us to mind, body & the world around us through Hatha Vinyasa style yoga. This very accessible, gentle practice flows through the elements guiding us through grounding, fluidity, energy and the relationship to breath. This class is suitable for all abilities, genders and ages and will become THE centre to your week.  Each week will consist of asana (the physical or posture) practice and relaxation/meditation, building as we move through Earth, Water, Fire, & Air.  To book contact Laura on 07950205012 or info@mangatayoga.co.uk a payment link will be sent confirming your booking. Cash welcome.  Instagram: @mangata.yoga.health Facebook: facebook.com/mangata.yoga.health  Website: www.mangatayoga.co.uk 

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