Follow your path – Embody your genius

 I follow my path with ease and grace
Would you like to find a map of your true-self? Would you like to get the courage to embody your highest potential? What Grace means to you? 
Join the workshop like none before and start your self discovery journey towards love and illumination!
During  the workshop, Magdalena would love to share with you her passions and  inspire you to dive deeper into your own light and what blocks it from  shining. She will use the tools inspired by ‘Gene Keys Synthesis’ and  guide you to embody your highest potential using movemnets, I-ching rhythms weaving her original music and sound healing into the  session. You will feel enriched, balanced, full of joy and trust in your  own path again.
During the workshop you will:
– Learn about the Gene Keys synthesis from the Gene Keys guide with 7 years of experience – Explore  your own hologenetic profile, no previous experience with the Gene Keys  is needed. 
-move your body and explore I-ching Rhythms of the Archetype of Tenderness (37 Gene Key) 
– Meditate on your highest potential with the beautiful music and guided meditation
– Awaken your dreams and aspirations of who you want to become 
– Express your creative genius by writing, moving and tapping 
– Imagine your highest potential and understand it on a mental, emotional, physical and soul level 
– Tune into your future self with love and confidence.
What is the Gene Keys:
The Gene Keys is a grand synthesis of practical wisdom to help guide you to a deeper understanding of yourself and your true potential. It opens the door to self-discovery and finding the higher purpose in your life. It is a map which helps you to navigate through life and understand yourself on the deeper level, who are you here to be, what is your purpose and more.
What to bring with you:
– a notebook, a pen, comfy cloths, a blanket or cushion for relaxing sound meditation
– your hologenetic profile generated at www.genekeys.com in a printed form (recommended) or your phone. If needed you can do it during the workshop, but it is best to get it ready.
Magdalena Atkinson is a soulful singer, songwriter,  multi-instrumentalist, Shakti Dance teacher, Gene Keys Guide, sound  healing & music therapy facilitator and a dreamer…  Born and raised in Poland where she graduated with MA in music, she has  made the South of England her home since 2004. Her Shakti Dance training  in 2014 reignited her creativity which led to her publishing two solo  albums: Beauty & Power (2016) and Love & Light (2018) and to the  birth of the band ‘Magdalena and the Mystical Birds’. In 2018 she  co-created a Polish Gene Keys Hub and become a Gene Keys Guide. Her  mission is to inspire others to pursue their full potential and creative  dreams.
link to the song:
 I follow my path 
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 Open: 02/24/2024

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